Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)

Chemical Name:

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Packing, storage and transportation: Powder product: packed in net weight 100g or 250g plastic bags.Liquid product: packed in net weight 250kgs, 1000kgs plastic drums, or according to customer requirement.


Metric names

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Chlorine dioxide(ClO2):

2%min, 5%min


Arsenic(as As2O3):



Heavy metals(as Pb):



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Chlorine dioxide is proven effective as: Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Tuberculocide, Virucide, Fungicide, Algaecide, Slimicide, Deodorizer. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide has a wide range of applications.

Human Water Systems

・Treatment of Potable Water for Human Consumption

・Water Storage Systems Aboard Aircraft, Boats

・RV’s and Off‐Shore Oil Rigs

・Municipal Well Waters Swimming Pools &Spas


・Industrial water treatment

・Cooling and process water microbiological control

・Wastewater disinfection

・Cooling Towers

・Treatment of Ventilation Systems

・Mollusc control

・Odour control

・Iron and manganese removal

・Phenol oxidation

・Cyanide destruction

・Paper & pulp

・Influent Water Disinfection

・Backup on generators failures

・White water slimicide

・Iron Control

・Bleaching of specialty papers

・Oil & gas

・Microbiological control of oil wells and bores

・Sulphide destruction

・Pipeline and tank cleaning

・THM control

・Taste and odour control

Public Places 


・Microbiological control

・Lower risk of MRSA


・Legionella prevention and control

・Hotels & leisure centres

・Disinfection of water system

・Biofilm removal in water system



・greenhouse sanitation

・Soil disinfection

・Disinfection of irrigation water

・Cleaning of irrigation system

・Treatment of Agricultural Storage Facilities

・Treatment of Horticulture Work Area and Benches

・Treatment of Horticulture Pots and Flats

・Treatment of Horticulture Cutting Tools

・Treatment of Horticulture Bulbs

・Treatment of Greenhouse Glass, Walkways and Under Benches

・Treatment of Evaporative Coolers

・Treatment of Retention Basins and Ponds

・Treatment of Decorative Pools, Fountains and Water Displays

・Vegetables & fruit washing/processing

Food Processing

・Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces

・Sanitizing Non‐Food Contact Surfaces

・Sanitizing Food‐Processing Equipment

・Ice Making Plants and Machinery

・Ice Manufacture

・Canning Retort and Pasteurizer Cooling Water

・Stainless Steel Transfer Lines, Hydrocoolers and Pasteurizer

・Washing fruit and vegetables

・Washing fish and seafood

・Washing meat, poultry and processing equipment

・Extend shelf life and freshness of non‐processed fruits and vegetables

・Process water for canned and frozen packaging

・Control of bacteria growth and biofouling

・Control of salmonella and legionella

・Disinfection lines, holding tanks and other equipment

・Disinfect in beverage and water systems and lines

・Reduction of ammonia nitrogen concentration in recycled water

・Cleansing and rinsing of bottles

・Disinfect in beverage and water systems and lines

・CIP (Cleaning In Place)


・Treatment of Poultry Drinking Water

・Disinfection of Animal Confinement Facilities

・Treatment of Animal Transport Vehicles

・Deodorization of Animal Holding Rooms, Sick Rooms and Work Rooms

・Control of Odor and Slime Forming Bacteria in Animal Confinement Facilities

・Disinfection of Poultry Chiller Water / Carcass Spray

・Treatment of Egg Room

・Treatment of Hatching Room

・Treatment of Incubator Room

・Treatment of Tray Washing Room and Loading Platform

・Treatment of Chick Room, Chick Grading Box and Sexing Room

・Hand Dip for Poultry Workers

・Shoe Bath Use


・Live Fish Transport: Transport Water, Disease treatment during holding

・Disease prevention treatment

・Fish larval rearing

・Prawn larval rearing

・Spraying in feeds

・Treatment of diseases

・Fishing boats/Wholesale/Retail

・Dipping de‐scaled and gutted fish

・Spray / Dipping on fish and prawns

・In sorting / grading water for prawns

・Ice manufacture

・Disinfection of display cabinet

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)