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Sodium Chlorite Solution
Chemical Name: 

Sodium Chlorite Solution

Molecular weight: 90.44
Apperance: light yellow aqueous solution
Product Standard: conforms to China Standard HG/3250-2010

1.Sodium Chlorite Solution is light yellowish solution, basic, easily soluble in water and alcohol.
2.Sodium Chlorite Solution is stable in normal condition, it release Toxicity and explosive gas(chlorine dioxide) when heat or meet acid.
3.when Fuel fire, it can fueling the fire.
4.If contact with reducing substances, it is easy to explode or burn.
5.Sodium Chlorite Solution will release chloride when High thermal decomposition.

Uses: Sodium Chlorite used in producing chlorine dioxide, or bleaching textiles, fiber, paper pulp, sand sugar, flour, wax, fruit etc, or certain metal surface treating, drink water and waste water purification etc.

Package and symbol: liquid: in net weight 250kgs UN approved plastic drums, or in net weight 1250kgs UN approved IBCs, or follow customer's demand

Storage: Do not mix with acid or reducing substances, Sealed tightly and store in cool and dry place. Avoid sunshine and keep far away from heat and fire. Fire: Extinguishing it with sand, water, or other kinds of fire extinguisher.Storage areas should be equipped with suitable material to catch spill, storage should be locked.
The product dust can cause respiratory tract, mucous membranes, eyes and skin irritation,if Sodium Chlorite Solution is accidentally splashed into the eyes or skin ,immediately flush skin.If swallowed , immediately drinking salt water or soapy water to make him spit, sent to hospital for treatment.

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25% Solution index
31% Solution index
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Note:Please ask for MSDS of sodium chlorite solution from us.

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