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Sodium Chlorite Solution

Chemical Name:

Chlorine Dioxide Powder Kit/Chlorine dioxide two component kits

Size and package: 1000 gram/kit, 2000 gram/kit, 10 kg/kit and required.

Chlorine dioxide two component powder kit is a transportable, non-explosive powder kit of two components that, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts fully into a long lasting active chlorine dioxide solution.

Eco‐Friendly and Long Shelf‐Life:

Chlorine Dioxide Powder Kit does not generate chlorine, chlorate and chlorite. In unmixed form, it has an imperishable shelf life.

Chlorine Dioxide Applications:

· Live Fish Transport

· Transport Water.

· Disease treatment during holding.



· Disease prevention treatment

· Fish larval rearing

· Prawn larval rearing

· Spraying in feeds

· Treatment of diseases


Fish industry: 

· Fishing boats

· Wholesale/Retail

· Dipping de-scaled and gutted fish

· Spray/Dipping for fish and prawns

· In sorting/grading water for prawns

· Ice manufacture

· Disinfection of display cabinets

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