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Product molecular formula, molecular weight and structure
Chemical Name: oxone, potassium monopersulfate compound, potassium monopersulfate triple salt or potassium peroxymonopersulfate
For short name: PMPS or KMPS DuPont name: oxone. Degussa name: caroat
Molecular formula: 2KHSO5KHSO4K2SO4
Molecular weight: 614.7
CAS No. 70693-62-8 UN 3260

Physical properties:potassium monopersulfate compound is a free-flowing, white granular solid, soluble in water. Under 20°C, 68°F temperature, solubility (20°C) >250g/l. bulk density: 1.1-1.2


Chemical properties:the active substance is potassium monopersulfate compound, KHSO5. The compound provides powerful and effective non-chlorine oxidation for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses while treatment process meet the requirements of safety and environment protection. It is stable under normal condition but dissolved above 80 deg centigrade. KMPS is active to react with other chemicals as it can be the oxidizer, bleacher, catalyst, disinfector and etchant etc.




active oxygen min 4.5%

active component KHSO5

min 42.8%

bulk density 1.10-1.30 g/cm3

moisture content

max 0.15%

particle size

through USS #20 sieve: 100%
through USS #200 sieve: max 12%

PH(25°C) 1% solution


PH(25°C)3% solution



256 g/l

Stability, active oxygen loss/month

max 1%

Standard electrode potential (E°)

-1.44 v

Heat of decomposition

0.161 w/m k


Note:Above-mentioned attributes are based on the typical analysis and the detailed data will be seen on the leave factory report.
We can do the production according to customer’s special specification and appointed package.


Main application
Two applications: Industry & Consumption



Paper recycling waster paper Deinking Bleach, Oxidized starch Manufacturer

Special medicine manufacture

as for the chiral catalyst for oxidizer and evocating agent

Chemistry initiator of polymerization, vinyl acetate , polyreaction of ethyl acrylate & acrylonitrile, polyreaction of vinyl monomer, bond admixture

oil field landification plated metal entrepreneur waste water treatmen, waste gas treatment

flocculating agent purificant, oil field building material industrial with polymer waste water treatment sulfur recycle formation fracturing accessory ingredient

printed circuit board etching PCB IC

Copperplate surface cleanser mircoetchant melanize

Wool garment

Outerstanding wool shrinkproofing

Cosmetics common chemicals

Bleach recipe,denture cleansers,toilet bowl cleaner,hair dye agent

Disinfection & water treatment

family disinfection, hospital disinfection, swimming pool water disinfection, and water treatment(non-chroline disinfector/purificant),quickly disinfection and with positive effect

livestock breeding

disinfection for animal environment, aquiculture water treatment, can almost kill all virus and bacteria which zoonosis illness special for aftosa, bird flu and SARS


Other application:Paper making , deinked stock, oxidized starch manufacture Evocationg agent, oxypolymerization & solicitation of chemistry, pharmaceutical Various oxidized organism


Make olefin, unsaturated acids epoxidized---effective epoxidizing agent evocating agent of polyreaction
The basic catalyst and evocating agent of the making of chiral catalyst Etchant,PCB microetchant and blacken treatment
Environmental protection waste water treatment, sulfur treatment, oil fiel investigation
New accessory ingredient
Wool shrinkproofing
Cosmetics common chemicals
Denture cleansers
Swimming pool, spa water treatment and family disinfection
Animal medicine---livestock breeding & aquiculture disinfection